Embracing Socially
Responsible Conduct

Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of our business is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). RUBiS is committed to being involved in each country in which it operates as an economic, social and cultural player.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

RUBiS Bahamas Limited strives to create positive change in the Bahamian community through charitable corporate contributions in the form of donations and sponsorships, as well as employee giving and volunteerism. RUBiS aims to support select organizations under various causes including, but not limited to, Culture, Education, Environment, Health Awareness, Sports and Youth Development.

Donation: A donation is considered the grant of money (or anything of value) for charitable or social means, to an organization, entity or community, that the company believes is classified as philanthropy.

Sponsorship: A sponsorship is considered the grant of money (or anything of value) to cover all, or part, of the cost activities such as seminars, conventions or events (e.g. sporting, artistic and entertainment) in return for commercial and institutional recognition of RUBiS.

Donation and sponsorship requests for consideration should be addressed and submitted as follows:

Addressed to:

Micah Knowles

Sales & Marketing Manager

Submitted to:


RUBiS Head Office at #62 University Drive, Nassau, Bahamas

*Donation and sponsorship requests are reviewed on a monthly basis. Before approval, the prospective beneficiary will be required to complete an Anti-Corruption Questionnaire and Anti-Corruption Compliance Agreement.


CSR Activities

Press Releases

The Bahamas AID Foundation 2023 Raffle is Live with Rubis!

For the past five plus years of The Bahamas AIDS Foundation grand annual Raffle, Rubis Bahamas Limited has stepped up to be a major donor.

Press Releases

Rubis Bahamas Hosts its Very First Blood Drive

Saturday, April 15th Rubis Bahamas Limited hosted its very first blood drive. Rubis partnered with major brands including, Doctors Hospital; the only private hospital in the Bahamas, Vitamalt; a popular malt known to replenish the blood and provide energy and, Radio House; a top media house, for a successful event.

Press Releases

RUBiS Bahamas Celebrates I.W.D ‘23 with Zumba & Breakfast!

Saturday, March 11th the ladies of Rubis Bahamas Limited and Rubis Network enjoyed a wonderful morning workout and breakfast to celebrate the globally recognized International Women’s Day!

Press Releases

RUBiS Goes BLUE for Autism Awareness Month

April 2023 is no exception, Rubis Bahamas Limited continues to support Resources and Education for Autism Related Challenges (R.E.A.C.H) to bring awareness to a growing area that continues to affect boys and girls. It is estimated that Autism affects 1 in 100 children according to The World Health Organization.

Press Releases

RUBiS Bahamas Feeds 600 through Great Commission Ministries

Rubis extended a helping hand to serve the Bahamian community after hearing Great Commission Ministries plea for corporate assistance over the radio.