Privacy Policy

In efforts to execute Rubis Bahamas Limited and Rubis Turks & Caicos Limited (“Rubis Group”) services and or specific procedures, personnel may be required to interact and handle personal information of vendors, customers and employees. Therefore, adherence to the Bahamas Data Protection (Privacy of Personal Information) Act, 2003 is deemed necessary.

Personal information is any data relating to an individual that can be directly or indirectly tied to the individual. Rubis Group may collect personal data and information which includes name, identification (government issued IDs) address, telephone numbers, email address, biographical data (date of birth, gender, race, etc.), and transactional data (date of purchase, description of product, quantity purchase, value of product, value of total purchase, etc.).

Data may be collected using Rubis Loyalty Reward Portal (“Portal”) or from Rubis’ Retail Service Stations. When personal data is collected, Rubis Group will use the information to register customers in the loyalty reward program, send notifications when warranted, manage customer complaints, provide customer support, understand customer needs/raise product awareness, contact customers, if necessary, and to determine the amount of loyalty points to credit to customers’ account.

When the personal data is collected, it is stored, verified, and made available for the customer to view on the Portal. All data that is stored will be secured and relevant access controls are in place to mitigate unauthorize access and use of personal data. At any time, a customer may correct, update, or add additional data to their profile on the Portal. Further, customers may notify and request Rubis Group to remove personal data from the Portal and or request discontinuance or limitation of personal data from being processed.

Personal data will be processed in the Bahamas or in Turks & Caicos, where appropriate. In addition, personal data will not be disclosed to any individual or related/third-party company, unless the data cannot be directly or indirectly tied to an individual (for example, disclosing transactional data for a specific product at a specific location). Rubis may be required to disclose personal data to respond to legal requests from administrative or judicial authorities to comply with applicable laws and regulations.