The Ranfurly Home Rides Out COVID- 19 With RUBiS

The Ranfurly Home Rides Out COVID- 19 With RUBiS

Nassau, Bahamas,– RUBiS Bahamas is pleased to announce its commitment to provide The Ranfurly Home for Children with a year supply of fuel. This much needed donation alleviated one of the Home’s ongoing expenses as they seek to lessen the effects of COVID-19 on an often-overlooked group in our society – children placed in alternative care.

The Ranfurly Home for Children is The Bahamas’ largest children’s home, capable of providing up to 40 children with comprehensive care, inclusive of food, shelter, clothing, education, and counseling. Recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane Dorian which displaced 27 children from Abaco and Grand Bahama, have placed an increased strain on the organization.

Currently, the Ranfurly Home provides care for thirty-nine children, but depends heavily on the help of corporate and individual donations. Joey Premock, Vice President of The Ranfurly Home for Children said the home is very grateful for the generous commitment by RUBiS. “The fragility of our organization is always present and fears of a decline in individuals and companies donating to nonprofits have made organizational sustainability a top concern for the Home. But none of us expected the sudden disruption in our lives brought on by this pandemic.”

Earlier in 2020, RUBiS visited The Ranfurly Home for Children to understand their needs and how best to assist on an ongoing basis. The company recognized that the urgency of those needs has only increased since their last visit. “The global health pandemic has impacted the revenue streams of most industries including RUBiS, but it does not diminish our responsibility to the needs of our community nor importance of our children,” said Latia Duncombe, former RUBiS Sales & Marketing Manager. “Present circumstances may seem uncertain, but it gives us an even greater reason to invest in the future of our nation.”

Non-profit organizations with a cause such as The Ranfurly Home for Children depend on donations to defray their operational costs and enable them to continue providing their essential services for the community. Although the Home receives assistance from the government, those funds cover less than a fifth of the organization’s estimated expenses of up to $600,000 a year. RUBiS is calling on Corporate Bahamas and private donors to consider our children and to provide them with some certainty in these uncertain times.

This donation forms a part of the RUBiS Cares Campaign, a program through which RUBiS Bahamas Limited will contribute over $60,000 throughout the remainder of 2020 to those hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic – our children, the disabled, the elderly, and those in need as well as our loyal customers. To learn more or benefit, follow Rubis Bahamas on social media for updates on upcoming community outreach initiatives.

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