RUBiS Celebrates 10 Years with $10K Donation to BREEF

May 2022, marks 10 years since Rubis Bahamas Limited, the premium fuel distributor of Rubis Ultra Tec Fuels purchased the Chevron fuels business in The Bahamas. Since then, the company has grown to a compliment of 23 Service Stations, 14 Marinas and supported numerous organizations along the way, including Bahamas Reef Environmental Educational Foundation (BREEF).

BREEF aims to educate and preserve the marine ecosystem for a sustainable future. Partnering with BREEF for the Snorkel Event and Beach Clean Up on Saturday, May 7, 2022, provided Rubis team members and their families the opportunity to experience the marine ecosystem and give back by cleaning up Saunders Beach.

Rubis volunteers disseminated into groups of three for 45-minute sessions to collect and sort trash for a national database. The groups collected 1 and a half 20-gallon trash bags along the shores and parking lot. Other participants enjoyed both activities and in total Rubis saw 45 persons support the initiative.

“Giving back is a part of Rubis’ corporate mandate. Rubis has clear Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines and reviews its contribution and impact on the community yearly. BREEF alone educates thousands of individuals each year, through its various programs. Rubis is a proud sponsor of its outreach program for over 5 years” said Micah Knowles, Rubis’ Sales & Marketing Manager.

Up next for the Anniversary is Rubis Fuel Hour at all 23 Rubis Service Stations across the islands of the Bahamas. For one hour on Friday, May 20th customers will have a chance to receive up to $10,00 in fuel giveaways and lots of goodies. Customers can follow Rubis Bahamas on Facebook for more details. The day after on Saturday, May 21st, Rubis will be the Title Sponsor for Resources and Education for Autism Related Challenges (REACH) Fun Run/Walk starting at 6am from Montague Beach. The public is invited to attend in support of Autism awareness.