RUBiS Autism Strong

April kicked off Autism Awareness Month globally and this year Rubis Bahamas Limited has given REACH its full support. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a disability that results in significant social, communication and behavioral challenges according to the CDC and affected an estimated 1 in every 44 children in 2021.

Rubis Bahamas Ltd, a longtime corporate sponsor of Resource and Education for Autism Related Challenges (REACH) is doubling down with not only a cash donation but hands-on participation from the entire team with the ease of covid-19 restrictions and in celebration of its 10 Year Anniversary.

Rubis Sales & Marketing Manager, Micah Knowles gave the vote of thanks for the annual Light It Up Blue Ceremony held at Queen's College on World Autism Day. The ceremony recognized the great strides of children on the spectrum and brings families, government ministers and partners together to officially commence Autism awareness month.

The following Monday and Friday, Rubis Bahamas Limited lit its head office blue for the first time. Blue in solidarity of children and adults across the Bahamas with ASD to ensure visibility from the motoring public. “It brings curiosity, awareness and sparks the conversation,” said Micah Knowles. The non- profit, non- governmental organization has evolved into a community. REACH brings autistic families together through well needed monthly support groups, provides free access to group therapists, host activities for children and more.

For the remainder of April, REACH has called the public to either purchase Autism Strong shirts to raise funds or wear blue every Friday to bring awareness. Rubis Bahamas Limited took heed to the call and purchased shirts for its staff at Head Office, Clifton and Aviation terminals, all in support of Autism to be worn each Friday in April. Other fundraising activities for the public to get involved include REACH’s Raffle and Fun Run/Walk slated for May 21st. Rubis will provide two top prizes of six months’ supply of fuel for the raffle and has partnered once again to be the title sponsor for the Fun Run/Walk.

Managing Director of Rubis Bahamas Limited, Raymond Samuels, indicated that "Rubis remains committed to bringing awareness and support to children and families with ASD". This year Rubis donated $12,000 to REACH, which brings its total contribution to $54,000 over the past four years, in addition to in-kind support and food parcels.