Unemployment Assistance

Get Going: Fuel For The Unemployed

RUBiS Bahamas Ltd. will provide free fuel to 1,000 unemployed rewards members as a part of its RUBiS Cares corporate social responsibility initiative. Each recipient will receive a total value of $25 in free fuel over the course of 5 weeks with no minimum purchase required. Once recipients receive a notification that the reward is available (via your online rewards account, the in-store printer or RUBiS Bahamas FB page) simply swipe your rewards tag at the in-store printer to claim your reward each week.

RUBiS Rewards is currently available at all RUBiS Service Stations in New Providence, excluding RUBiS East & Armstrong.


To be a recipient you must be a registered rewards member and unemployed. Proof is required.

Apply Here:

RUBiS Cares

Helpful Links and Tips:

How to become a rewards member: Rewards

How to register your rewards key tag: RUBiS Bahamas (allpointscommunity.com)

* For mobile number use a 10-digit number (242-xxx-xxx) and select Bahamas. Zip code not required.

How to log in to your rewards account: RUBiS Bahamas (allpointscommunity.com)

How to get your rewards id number? (two ways)

  1. Log into your rewards account and click the rewards tag image twice.
  2. Swipe your rewards tag at the in-store printer

*Registering online guarantees instant registration!