ULTRA WASH is our touch-free, laser car wash located at University Drive and Gladstone Road, Nassau, Bahamas.

It is the first of its kind in the entire Bahamas and offers a superior, convenient car wash service.

This state of the art machine has superior cleaning power with the addition of better vehicle coverage, smart chemical timing and tilting arch functions. The car wash can reach all parts of the vehicle with a high-pressure application. The arch rotates 360⁰ whilst moving around the vehicle, keeping the nozzles always focused on the vehicle. The integrated dryer gives vehicles a complete finish. All in all, customers get a safe, comfortable and easy to use wash experience – far superior to any other car wash in The Bahamas!

  • No long lines!
  • Your car can be spotless and shining in a matter of minutes!
  • A vacuum station is also available so that you can clean your interior the way that you want to!

There are 3 levels of washes to choose from:

  • The Classic: $9.99
    Sun Seal Foam Bath
    High Pressure Wash & Rinse
    Spot Free Rinse
    Laser Dry
  • The Deluxe: $11.99 (Includes the Classic Plus)
    Sun Seal Cleaner Coat Protectant
  • The Works: $13.99 (Includes the Deluxe Plus)
    Sun Seal Foam Condition
    Wash & Rinse
    Laser Dry

Visit our University Drive and Gladstone Road stations today to experience a car wash the RUBiS way!

*Prices VAT Inclusive

Ultra Wash