RUBiS Supports the Fight Against HIV/ AIDS

RUBiS Supports the Fight Against HIV/ AIDS

Saturday, June 12th 2021, The Bahamas AIDS Foundation announced the winners for one of its major fundraisers, the Annual AIDS Foundation Raffle. RUBiS, an annual donor was once again happy to support the non-profit organization in raising funds to support its many ongoing programs by donating six months’ supply of free fuel.

RUBiS’ donation of fuel was one of the top prizes in the 2021 grand raffle. Lorriane Elliott, the winner, of free fuel for six months was shocked when she received the great news. Mrs. Elliott is the proprietor of Bahamas Wielding & Fire and typically supports the Bahamas AIDS Foundation by purchasing a table at the annual ball. However, this year, she purchased 30 raffle books and distributed it amongst herself, family members and her employees.

The Bahamas AIDS Foundations mission is to implement preventative and intervention strategies to reduce the transmission of HIV/ AIDS. Former RUBiS Sales & Marketing Manager, Latia Duncombe, commends the AIDS Foundation on the work that is being carried out in the community. They provide medication that is not supplied by the government and offers an afterschool program to 120 children a week who have either been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Foundation and RUBiS would like to encourage persons to know their status and get tested. Follow the Bahamas AIDS Foundation on Social Media to find updates on free testing.

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