RUBiS Bahamas Provides Financial Relief to REACH Amidst COVID-19

RUBiS Bahamas is pleased to continue its support of Resources and Education for Autism and Related Challenges (REACH) Bahamas and local families affected by Autism.

This year, RUBiS has donated more than $16,000 to REACH Bahamas to support families impacted by Autism. In response to the pandemic, RUBiS provided additional funding outside of its three-year commitment of $27,000 to ensure the needs of these families were met. The donated funds were used to aid REACH’s ongoing support activities and to provide food vouchers to some of the organizations’ more vulnerable beneficiaries.

“RUBiS continues to be an instrumental partner for REACH,” said Dwayne Gibson, Chairman of REACH. “From monetary and in-kind donations to promotional support throughout the year, RUBiS understands what it means to be a corporate citizen.   REACH is appreciative that RUBiS continues to support even in the face of Covid-19.”

REACH Bahamas is a non-governmental organization that creates awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and provides tremendous assistance to persons and families affected by the neurological disorder. REACH’s facilities and services include state-of-the-art learning equipment, free educational workshops and bi-monthly group meetings for parents, teachers and caregivers along with activities for children on the spectrum.

The partnership between RUBiS and REACH spans over five years and RUBiS is the title sponsor of the annual REACH Fun Run/Walk.  While the global health pandemic has impacted this year’s activities, RUBiS remains resolute in its commitment to the organization and its efforts.

Latia Duncombe, RUBiS Sales and Marketing Manager shared that “RUBiS cares and recognizes that persons on the spectrum require assistance and has partnered with REACH to ensure that parents have access to information and therapists to better understand the disorder and are equipped to ensure an optimal quality of life for their loved ones.  An individualized approach has proven beneficial, as the level of support varies from one person to another.  Some persons may be verbal and others nonverbal and some may be able to lead independent lives, while others may be more dependent.  We are committed to our partnership with REACH Bahamas and will continue to do our part to make sure these services are available to the Bahamian community.”

Families affected by ASD or those interested in providing assistance can contact REACH Bahamas.

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RUBiS – It’s Just Better 

Rubis donates $16,500 to REACH Bahamas. [L-R] Latia Duncombe, Rubis Bahamas Sales & Marketing Manager and Greer Bain, REACH board member.  


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