Fuel For Your Fleet

RUBiS Fuel Management System is a state-of-the-art fuel tracking system that has been proven over the years. This system offers complete security, service, control and instant analysis through two unique fueling options; Card Based and RFID Technology.

Fueling Options:

RUBiS Ultra Card:

  • PIN Authorization
  • Each Driver has a Card and PIN

RUBiS RFID Technology:

  • Vehicle & Nozzle Authorization
  • Optimal Security

Fuel without paying at the pump and manage your fleet system at the click of a button! Managers can set controls for fueling locations and driver spending per vehicle or departmental, giving you the flexibility you desire.

Fuel Management Benefits:

  • No payment required at the pump
  • Ability to set fueling parameters for each vehicle/ driver
  • Real time updates and analysis
  • System generated reports and detailed statements
  • 24hr. online access

For More Information:

  • Email: bahamassales@rubis-caribbean.com
  • Call: 242-457-0403


Fleet Management

Telephone – (242) 677- 1220

Fax – (242) 322-1894