On May 1st 2012, RUBiS acquired the assets owned and operated by Chevron under the Texaco brand in The Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands.

RUBiS Bahamas began its rebranding process in late 2013, transforming all red, black and white Texaco branded stations to pure, bright white, red and green colors to reflect the RUBiS brand.

RUBiS Bahamas is 100% committed to raising the bar of customer service to a new, higher level, offering our customers an exceptional standard of service, with first of its kind innovative components in The Bahamas, such as the pay at the pump system, laser car wash, and fleet fuel management system, all tailored to make the RUBiS experience enjoyable and effortless.

RUBiS – It’s Just Better!

RUBiS in The Bahamas

Telephone – (242) 677- 1220

Fax – (242) 322-1894